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              Toney robotics is a leader in the automation of injection molding industry.Toney provides innovative enterprise solutions that automates the plastic injection molding industry. In 2016 Toney became a public company. We have 24 years of  experience and more than 20,000 trusted customers.
              In the 1990s we import the advanced technology from Taiwan and Japan for production, with more than 20 years development......


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              Today in the 21st century, if you are still just selling an equipment, it's will be eliminated.
              Toney robot is committed to providing one-stop service for our customers.

              Precision production plant layout

              Plastic auxiliary equipment for injection molding machine

              PLC smart control construction

              Robot integration into application

              Remote cloud system

              Intelligent 3D warehouse

              Full automation plant

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              In the plastic injection molding industry, the difficult for other company is already been a break though in our database. Which is the TONEY advantage given by experience accumulation in customer case.




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